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ISSA Security Summit

InnoTech is thrilled to bring you a full day of security-focused sessions hosted by ISSA – Capitol of Texas Chapter. All a part of the main InnoTech event this year. Please note access to the ISSA Security Summit luncheon is $75 and requires separate registration and payment. Click REGISTER NOW for details. 



How AI Can Think Like an Attacker


The Future of Security: It's Not All Doom and Gloom

avatar (34).jpg

Blake Holman

Chief Information Officer, BBG, Inc.

avatar (35).jpg

Tim Brown

CISO, Solarwinds

avatar (36).jpg

Heather Gantt-Evans

Chief Information Security Officer, Sailpoint

avatar (60).jpg

Gavin Grounds

Security, Risk and Compliance, Meta Platform


Closer to Avalon: Security’s Next Step

avatar (69).jpg

Lou Senko

Chief Availability Officer, Q2


Increasing Threats & Decreasing Budgets – Maximize Your Cybersecurity Strategy without Compromising Your Defense

avatar (70).jpg

Terry McGraw

Deputy Chief Threat Intelligence Officer, Secureworks


ISSA Security Summit Keynote Luncheon - Cyber Security – You Want to Hire Who???

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Karen O’Reilly-Smith

Chief Security Officer/SVP, Rackspace


Navigating the Security Challenges of Artificial Intelligence: Risks, Threats, and Mitigating Strategies

avatar (41).jpg

Dan Holden

VP, Cybersecurity, BigCommerce

avatar (42).jpg

Beth-Anne Bygum

Chief Security Officer, Acxiom

avatar (43).jpg

Andy Bennett

Vice President of Technology, CISO, Apollo Information Systems

avatar (44).jpg

Edward Block

CISO Principal Practice Manager, Apollo Information Systems


Solving the Human Element: Why Security Awareness and Training Has Failed to Change Human Behavior

avatar (33).jpg

Matt Alderman

VP, Product, Living Security


The Balancing Act Between Security and Regulatory Compliance and Why Meeting One Does Not Guarantee the Other

avatar (71).jpg

Stephen Fridakis

Deputy CISO, Verily


TCP’s replacement IETF QUIC Protocol, rfc 9000 Operation & Security

avatar (37).jpg

Bill Alderson

Advisor, Cogent Management

It Executive of the Year



Network with other IT and business professionals from the region
Experience the InnoTech exhibits, enjoy a cold beverage, networking and prize drawings at the InnoTech Happy 45-Minute Reception…a networking tradition!


Are You Ready to Become a Master of Cybersecurity Leadership?

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Jason Edwards

Principal, Amazon Security

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 7.39.21 PM.png

Griffin Weaver

Managing Legal Director


CyberEspionage, How Global Events Affect Businesses and Security

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Tim Gallo

Americas Mandiant Principal Architect, Google Cloud

Thank you ISSA Security Summit Sponsors:

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